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The following articles were published from 2003-2005 in a monthly column, co-wrote with a colleague, in the Connection Magazine - a magazine / newspaper for health, fitness, fun, art, adventure and awareness serving Santa Cruz, Monterey, Santa Clara, and San Mateo Counties.

Creating Sacred Space: The Art of Intention
The Art of Speaking Truth and Listening Well
Conscious Communication: Healing Fears & Moving Beyond Resistance
Asking For What You Want, The Way You Want It
Conscious Breath: Awakening and Cultivating Life's Energy
Healing Into Sexual Wholeness
Awakening Your Body's Energy Centers: The Chakras
The Gift of Presence
Celebrating the Senses: Portals to Awakening
The Dance of Yin & Yang: Cultivating Feminine Flow and Masculine Presence
Healing and Celebrating Relationship: Transforming Blocks to Intimacy
Embracing Death & Dying: Cultivating Presence, Compassion, and Acceptance
The Temple of the Body: Honoring, Healing, & Celebrating Your Gateway to Spirit
The Union of Shiva & Shakti: Awakening Consciousness and Energy
Warriors of the Heart: The Journey Through Vulnerability to Intimacy
The Art of Healing - Opening To & Embracing Life