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Brushwork by Kazuaki Tanahashi
The calligraphy on my website is from original work by Kazuaki Tanahashi. Born and trained in Japan and active in the United States since 1977, Kaz has had solo exhibitions of his calligraphic paintings internationally. He has taught East Asian calligraphy at eight international conferences of calligraphy and lettering arts. Also a peace and environmental worker for decades, he is a Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science.

I commissioned Kaz to paint the Zen circle as my logo, as well as the calligraphy for psychotherapy, meditation, yoga, tantra, and articles.

“In the Zen tradition ensos, or circle symbols, have been drawn with black ink on paper, to represent enlightenment. As the multi-colored flow of paint represents the interconnectedness of all life, each circle reflects my hopes, visions and aspirations for a world making healthier choices for the benefit of future generations.” ~ Kaz