Ancient Practices

Your body is your temple and the gateway to your soul. Through the vessel of the body we have the opportunity to explore consciousness. Our bodies are precious and hold tremendous wisdom. If we quiet the mind and still the senses, we can listen to the messages of the body, and move toward qualities of freedom, spaciousness, lightness, and openness in our experience of our self.

In a culture of stress, burn out, anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue, the increase of sickness and suffering may have roots in the loss of connection to our natural life force. The ancient practices of meditation, pranayama, yoga, and tantra bring harmony to body, mind, and spirit. At the physical level, they provide relief from physical challenges and create the conditions for health and deep well being. From the psychological perspective, they steady the emotions, clear the mind, and deepen concentration. The breathing practices cleanse and nourish the body, calm the mind, and quiet the nervous system. In the realm of the spiritual, they deepen self awareness, the ability to be still, and provide a path toward full aliveness and inner peace. These ancient practices give perspective to life, and help to create a state in which we are present in every action, and in every moment.

Anyone, regardless of age, health, circumstance of life, and spiritual orientation, can explore these practices. They are about your unique direct experience. The more you practice, the more you become aware of the wholeness of your being, realizing that you are made of body, breath, mind, and more. These practices emphasize all aspects of human life, including your behavior, your relationships with others, your health, and your unique path of self discovery.

One of the principles of spiritual practice is not to seek the fruit of our actions. The path is the goal. Practice should be for its own sake, without regard to “success” or “failure”, to gain loving kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity in your self, your relationships, and in your life. Ancient practices are about your own direct experience – embrace what is true, and let go of what does not fit for you. I invite you to approach these practices with mindfulness, curiosity, inner listening, and great kindness, to explore the endless discovery of the subtleties and nuances of the wholeness of who you are.