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Areas of Focus

Blending depth psychotherapy with a transpersonal orientation, I support you in drawing upon the inherent wisdom and healing potential of your essential being – your true self – moving toward an integrated wholeness of body, mind, relationships, and life.

My areas of focus include managing anxiety, depression, stress-related conditions, PTSD, disability and chronic pain, life transition, authentic self expression, conscious relationship, and transforming life and relational trauma.

My work with couples focuses on mindful presence, attuned connection, conscious communication, and the sacred path of deep intimacy. I have trained in several approaches to creating loving relationship including the integrated approaches of Relational Life Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples. See Conscious Relationship below.

I bring to my work with trauma a 20-year background in offering Depth Psychotherapy and am a Certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist in the treatment of trauma through the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute , a comprehensive psychotherapy model designed to treat the effects of acute trauma and complex traumatic stress as well as attachment, relational, and developmental trauma. I received EMDR certification through the EMDR Institute , and have also trained in the adjunctive approach of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). I have been a volunteer psychotherapist for The Coming Home Project , a non-profit organization committed to helping transform the wounds of war for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, their families, and their service providers.

The Journey of Self Awareness and Transformation

In those moments when you quiet your mind and the activity of your world, you have the opportunity to listen to the messages of your body, your relationships, and your life. Expressions of anxiety, fear, anger, depression, grief, dis-ease, or pain may be reflecting a need to listen more carefully.

Deep within, beyond how you usually are in your self and your world, is a wisdom, a knowing, a true guidance. Your essential state of being. When you listen to and act in harmony with your deep true self, you begin to experience a balance and flow of life energy. You live more fully and vitally, with greater compassion and authenticity. Life becomes more meaningful, relationships richer, creativity enhanced, and new directions revealed.

Imagine what it would be like to enter into your relationships, work, and life with a deeper sense of wholeness and aliveness. To embody more of your inherent potential. To heal through the wounds of your life and move beyond the obstacles that prevent you from freely being who you are.

Depth psychotherapy allows you to bring an expanded awareness of yourself and your life to issues of relationship, personal direction, and authentic self expression. You are guided through an inward searching process toward greater congruity between your inner truth and its outer expression. I draw upon many paths to help you access a deep level of feeling and meaning, and authentic self expression. Together we work with the deeper origins of what presents itself on the surface of your life – family of origin conditioning, patterns through life and relationships, as well as acute, chronic, and relational trauma. We explore together what the psyche reveals through dreams, images, movement, and felt experience in the moment. I align with your inner guiding truth, and work with what is in the way of you fully living and manifesting that truth.

Conscious Relationship

Couples develop skills to become more present and aware in their relationship, learning to listen to each other’s truth while gaining greater clarity and expression of their own. Drawing upon ancient practices and modern relationship psychology, skills are cultivated in such areas as:

  • creating a safe relational space and authentic presence with your partner
  • learning to self-regulate and co-regulate emotions and reactivity
  • increasing capacity to be present with yourself and sustain attuned connection and caring responsiveness with another
  • Deepening effective attachment with each other, and bring healing to attachment injuries
  • identifying and communicating intentions, fears and boundaries
  • the art of conscious communication
  • transforming anger and past wounds
  • identifying and communicating what awakens pleasure, aliveness, fun, and shared well-being
  • sacred dimensions of intimacy

Conscious relationship is a way of interacting and communicating that allows greater understanding, compassion, intimacy, joy, and love to emerge.

Psychotherapy sessions are offered by telehealth in California.
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I advocate for racial and social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion, and am committed to culturally responsive mental health care for all.
I welcome all ages, all races, all religions, all genders, all countries of origin, all languages, all sexual orientations, all sizes, all abilities, all people.

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