Self Awareness and Self Care Handouts:
Wellbeing Tool Kit
Self Care Daily Reflection
Self Inquiry Journal
Three Stages of Trauma Recovery
Creating a Safe-Secure Space – for Yourself
Conscious Nutrition
Brain Function and Cognitive Performance
Deep Sleep
Needs Inventory
Common Feelings
Common Sensations
Common Qualities and Values
Personal Bill of Rights
Cognitive Distortions
Support Through CDs

Practices Handouts:
Meditation Instructions
Tonglen Meditation
Eight Limbs of Yoga
Basic Breathing Practices
Pranayama: Gentle Deep Breathing (Level 1 )
Pranayama: Deepening Breath & Energy (Level 2)
Sushumna Breathing: Opening the Inner Flute
Chakras: The Seven Energy Centers of the Body
Kosas: The Sheaths of Being
Kriyas: Cleansing Practices

Relationship Handouts:
Relationship Tool Kit (Couples Workshops and CD/DVDs)
Creating a Safe-Authentic Space – With a Partner
Intentions, Fears, and Boundaries
Conscious Communication Guidelines
Yin-Yang Qualities
Opening the Heart: The Heart Wave

Suicide Loss Resources:

Unfinished Conversation: Healing from Suicide and Loss – A Guided Journey, by Robert Emile Lesoine, MA Ed. with Marilynne Chöphel, MFT

Visit the Unfinished Conversation website wwww.unfinishedconversation.com

Suicide Loss Handouts:
Unfinished Conversation Table of Contents with Exercises
Survivor’s Tool Kit
Survivors of Suicide Resources
Journey Buddy Guidelines
Journey Group Guidelines