Sacred Dimensions of Relationship:
Deepening Connection with Yourself & Others

A practical exploration of relationship skills and intimacy that draws from the ancient practices of mindfulness meditation, pranayama, and yoga, as well as modern psychology – to awaken your capacity for awareness, aliveness, and presence, and to cultivate authentic connection with yourself, in relationship, and in everyday life. In a gentle, respectful, and fun environment, you will learn practical tools to create sacred space and conscious communication; deepen your ability to be present; awaken your body’s awareness and energy; overcome obstacles to intimacy; and explore the spiritual dimensions of emotional and energetic connection. Active and still meditations, movement, communication practices, breath, visualization, ritual, and other ways to heal, honor and celebrate connection with your self and others. No prior experience is necessary. Appropriate for individuals, couples, and partners of all orientations.


Practice Sessions

Note: No classes or workshops are being offered at this time.

Practice Sessions are open to individuals, partners, and small groups up to 6 participants. For those new or for continuing students to deepen their practice. Individualized sessions or offered as a 10-week series. No prior experience is necessary.

Fee : $150 for 1½ hour session. (Sliding scale available) Individual and couples therapy sessions also available by appointment.

• Cultivating Self Awareness and Mindful Connection: Intentional Safety, Respect, and Openness
Generate wise intention and compassionate action. Create the physical and emotional conditions to be present and connected with yourself and another.

• Conscious Communication: Expressing Truth, Deep Listening, & Attuned Connection
Create trust, authenticity, acceptance, and compassionate witnessing. Embrace and transform fear and resistance.

• Cultivating Aliveness: Awakening and Expanding Energy
Explore breath & life force energy in movement, stillness, and connection with another.

• Witnessing the Storm: Compassionate Presence, Inquiry, and Self Awareness
Embrace the cycle of harmony, disharmony, and repair. Develop external and internal boundaries, non-verbal presence, and energetic connection. Transform blocks to intimacy. Cultivate the art of inquiry and deep listening. Learn the skills of self-regulation and co-regulation.

• Healing, Honoring, and Empowering the Temple of Your Body
Transform physical challenges, set compassionate intention, and honor the body’s wisdom for your self and in relationship. Tonglen meditation.

• The Sacred Art of Touch: Awakening Physical Awareness
Intention, boundaries, and reverence for sensory awareness and conscious touch. The gift of giving and receiving. No physical touch required during the session.

• Yin & Yang Energy: Awakening the Feminine and Masculine Aspects of the Self
Embrace opposites with compassion & self awareness. Balance the under-developed polarity in your relationships as well as in different aspects of your life such as work, parenting, self care, living environment, and socially.

• Energetic Connection: Developing Non-verbal Presence
Deepen attunement through breath & life force energy in movement, stillness, and authentic connection. Explore movement and breathing with a partner.

• Awakened Heart: Expanding Wisdom and Compassion
Open to your inherent wisdom and compassion through integrating and embracing healing, intimacy, and transformation.


Note: No classes or workshops are being offered at this time.

Immerse in presence, connection, mindful movement, and conscious breath in a setting of beauty and tranquility. Sacred shrines, vegetarian meals, and acres of hiking trails through redwoods and oak. Retreats have been held at Land of Medicine Buddha – a retreat center for healing and developing a good heart. 5800 Prescott Road, Soquel. Retreats also available in other locations.

To Register for Practice Sessions and Classes

Note: No classes or workshops are being offered at this time.

Call for more information or to register.
Practice sessions are $150 for 1 1/2 hour session. Sliding scale available.
Cancellation Policy: Refund up to first session, credit thereafter.

Call Marilynne at (925) 962-1042 or email [email protected].