Practice Days

Note: No classes or workshops are being offered at this time.

Practice Days are half-day workshops for those new or for continuing students to deepen their practice. While best taken in order as a series, they can also stand alone with no prior experience.

Meditation, Pranayama, & Prana:
Awakening Awareness and Life Force
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Practice Day 1: Meditation & Pranayama I
Practice Day 2: Meditation & Pranayama II
Practice Day 3: Meditation & Awakening Prana
Practice Day 4: Meditation & Transforming Energy
(The mindfulness and body-breath-energy awareness cultivated in this Meditation class is a valuable preparation for Sacred Dimensions of Intimacy.)

Sacred Dimensions of Relationship: Deepening Connection With Yourself and Others
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Practice Day 1: The Art of Intimacy: Self Awareness, Mindful Connection & Sacred Space
Practice Day 2: Conscious Communication: Expressing Truth, Listening Well, & Attuned Connection
Practice Day 3: Compassionate Presence: Witnessing the Storm & Embracing Opposites
Practice Day 4: The Temple of the Body: Transforming Obstacles and Awakening Physical Awareness